Litter Prevention

Keep McAlester Beautiful by keeping it litter free!

As a Keep America Beautiful affiliate, we agree wholeheartedly with their statement that “Litter is more than just a blight on our landscape. Litter is costly to clean up, impacts our quality of life and economic development, and eventually ends up in our waterways and oceans.”

Our plan is to empower our citizens to not litter, stop littering where it starts, and remove litter where it exists.

First, Don’t Litter!

Litter is more than just ugly – it’s pollution that directly affects our wildlife and water quality.

Litter is your problem, not someone else’s. We all play a part in ensuring our community succeeds and throwing litter on the ground directly hurts efforts to bring business, tourism, and professionals to our city.

It’s not paid employees or criminals picking up your litter, it’s volunteers. These are citizens who care about this place and do something about it. Don’t put a burden on good people.

Second, Stop Litter!

If you always see litter at the same place, chances are there’s a contributing factor. Take action to give people an alternative to litter such as a trash can or ashtray to use.

Stop fly-away litter. We’ve all accidentally littered when the wind caught a piece of trash and carried it away. Remove trash from your car when you refuel and never throw trash in the back of pickup trucks. Keep a lid on your outdoor trash and keep a bag handy for waste created by working or relaxing outdoors.

Use an ashtray, every time! Pocket ashtrays are a real thing and Pride In McAlester gives them away for free! Call 918-426-4444 or email to get yours today.

Third, Clean Up Litter!

Join hundreds of other citizens by conducting litter pickups! You help relieve the cost to governments and businesses by pitching in to clean up our city. There are several ways to help and you can choose which method works for you.

Pride In McAlester helps individuals and community groups who want to pick up litter by coordinating the event and providing supplies such as trash grabbers, vests, gloves, and trash cans. We’ll even brag about your awesomeness in our newsletter. Call 918-426-4444 or email if you are interested.

If you want to do recurring pickup rather than occasional, then Adopt-A-Block is the way to go. You can learn all about your opportunity to maintain a stretch of city road on our website at