adopt-a-block-logo-1Pride In McAlester (PIM) is excited to relaunch McAlester’s very own Adopt-A-Block program. This opportunity encourages businesses, churches, organizations, and families to choose a portion of our great city to care for throughout the year.

As a participant in Adopt-A-Block, you will work with Pride In McAlester to beautify and clean your selected area. This could be conducting litter pickups, watering flowers, planting trees, painting buildings or street markings, or helping others in your neighborhood recycle. There are so many opportunities for you to take on a beautification, sustainable, or environmental initiative with the backing and support of PIM.

Working closely with your Adopt-A-Block leader, PIM can help provide you with the tools, expertise, and authorization to see your neighborhood transformed. We can provide trash grabbers, trash bags, safety vests, gloves, paint, tools, or other materials for your projects. We will also work with local government and property owners to ensure projects are carried out in an appropriate way. Our job is to enable you to have an impact on the cleanliness, safety, and enhancement of our city.

There is no cost to Adopt-A-Block and includes the installation of a sign on your block proudly displaying your commitment. After that, you will work with PIM to complete your projects and turn in a simple report at the end. As long as you continue to improve your block, your sign stays in place. It’s an uncomplicated commitment for a significant impact.

Adopting a block is a great way to help Keep McAlester Beautiful. Use the form below to get signed up today!


Need to report on your Adopt-A-Block activities? Click here.