Who We Are

Established in April 2008, Pride In McAlester was organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to clean up and keep up the McAlester community for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. Click here to download Pride In McAlester’s brochure.


Teaming with the citizens of McAlester, Pride In McAlester is dedicated to beautifying and enhancing our community.


McAlester is widely recognized as one of the cleanest, safest, and most beautiful cities in Oklahoma.  Its citizens, businesses, government and other entities are all dedicated to maintaining its excellence as a great place to live the American dream, work at good jobs, raise healthy children and retire in style.  McAlester’s biggest problem is maintaining its unique character while steadily growing.


Pride: we take pride in McAlester and are committed to working to build a community in which all of its citizens take pride in their homes, neighborhoods, their entire city.

Leadership: we are committed to providing McAlester with guidance and inspiration as we strive to improve our community.

Integrity: we are committed to acting with honesty and forthrightness in everything we do, holding ourselves to high ethical standards, and dealing with everyone with respect.

Education: we are committed to educating ourselves, our youth, and our adult citizens about the importance of and reward from making and keeping our environment and city clean and beautiful.

Stewardship: we are committed to making decisions and engaging in activities that will ensure that McAlester becomes a cleaner, greener, safer, and more beautiful city for our children.

Pride In McAlester Employees

Stephanie Giacomo, Executive Director

Pride In McAlester Board of Directors

Justin Few, President

David Beall, Vice President

Carol Bishop, Treasurer

Margaret Fields, Secretary

Mel Priddy

Vickie Cherry

Cara Dorrell

Steve Harrison

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of board members.

Click here for the January 4, 2018 Board Agenda

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